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Our interviews with the stars on the red carpet plus trailers, clips and our review.
Dream and reality collide in Total Recall – a blockbuster retelling of the classic sci-fi story originated by Philip K. Dick which stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. We delve deeper into this future vision with comments from the stars as well as director Len Wiseman in our massive content hub.

Total Recall comes from the novella 'We Can Remember it for You Wholesale' by sci-fi master Philip Kindred Dickwho was also responsible for the stories which inspired Blade Runner, Minority Report and more. You can read our full review of Total Recall here.

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VIDEO INTERVIEWS (coming soon)

Kate Beckinsale

Jessica Biel

Len Wiseman


Len Wiseman - Read the interview
Director Len Wiseman cut his teeth on ads and music videos before creating and helming the first Underworld in 2003, with a new stylish take on the vampire legend. He returned for sequel Evolution with new partner KateBeckinsale before decamping to take on the challenge of the much maligned Die Hard 4.0.

Wiseman is back, and teaming up again with wife Beckinsale, for TotalRecall – a film that owes as much to the original Philip K. Dick short story as it does to PaulVerhoeven’s 1990 movie effort. We caught up with the director in Cancun to talk about reboots, violence and torturing actors who have to kiss his wife.

Kate Beckinsale - Read the interview
Kate Beckinsale has really taken to action roles in recent years and came straight from Underworld 4 to work with director and husband Len Wiseman on Total Recall. She takes on the role of Lori, famously played by Sharon Stone in the 1990 version, but the character is quite different. Here, we chat to the fast-talking British star about remakes, fights scenes and working with family.



'Happy Trails'


'Two Weeks'

'Kiss Goodbye'

Total Recall is in cinemas from the 29th of August.

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