Total Recall full trailer is here


Total Recall full trailer is here
Colin Farrell doesn't get his ass to Mars
After perpetuating the already ridiculous practise of teasers for trailers, the full Total Recall trailer has just landed.

The film is another go round for Philip K. Dick’s short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale and features Colin Farrell taking over from Arnie in the role of Doug Quaid who battles with his supposed memories after getting his mind screwed with while looking for a cheap holiday.

The film also stars Kate Beckinsale as Sharon Stone and Jessica Biel as Rachel Ticotin. Honestly, while I love the original to bits, this doesn’t look like the worst take on the material – the aesthetics are interesting (and distinct from Verhoeven’s version) and Farrell can be a capable enough performer. Director Len Wiseman was behind the first two Underworld entries and Die Hard 4.0 so… it could be worse.

The trailer’s exclusive to for the moment to get your ass to Mars... I mean pop over there to check it out.

Total Recall full trailer is here on
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