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Planning a holiday this Summer?
"If you’re looking for the perfect vacation destination, look no further than Wadiya. Travel is easy, with regular arrivals of hi-jacked airliners. Alternatively, just hike near our borders (or if you’re a Victoria’s Secret model go to a nightclub in Miami) and we’ll do the rest."

With The Dictator set to terroise cinemas next month, have no fear of the unknown ruler as he has so considerately put up a website informing you of all things Wadiyan.

Browse through its pages to discover the rich heritage of Wadiya's History and Tourism, Calendar of events, weather forecast and today's headlines. Here you will discover many historical moments B.A. (Before Aladeen) and marked occasions of Aladeens meetings with world leaders such as Kim Jong Il,Hugo Chavezand Hulk Hogan. Not to mention the best attractions to see such as Wadiyan State Zoo which is home to "many dozens of endangered species including pandas, white tigers, and Amnesty International officials", or the "Wadiyan Museum of Tolerance which is open daily from 9 to 5. Women, Jews, and disabled not allowed."

You can also look forward to reading Aladeen's biography which should nicely anticipate the movies cinematic release on May 16 for Canada and USA, and May 18 in UK and Ireland.
While our video preview may not be up to the standard of Supreme leader Aladeen's glorious website, it should still spark interests.

Let us know what you think of the Republic of Wadiya and upcoming movie The Dictator in the comments below!

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