Barlow slams ‘weak’ Janet


Barlow slams ‘weak’ Janet
The X Factor judge says the Irish hopeful should have been in the sing-off

I must say, to be completely honest, the worst performances were Janet and Sophie

X Factor judge Gary Barlow has blasted Irish hopeful Janet Devlin insisting that she should have been in the bottom two with Sophie Habbis at the weekend.

Tyrone teen Janet escaped being forced into the X Factor sing-off and instead Sophie and Misha B had to battle it out on the show in a final showdown.

Sophie ended up being voted off by all four judges including Kelly Rowland who phoned in from Los Angeles. Crooner Gary (40) admitted that he was shocked by Misha B being in the final two instead of Janet. He said: “I must say, to be completely honest, the worst performances were Janet and Sophie.

“They were the weakest. It seemed to me like everything flipped. The weakest contestants became strong and the strongest ones became weak. I would have predicted those two in the bottom two but no way on earth Misha B.”

The Take That crooner had already slated red Devlin Janet’s performance of Every Breath You Take on the show as “predictable”.Barlow also claimed that he always knows what to expect from her. He also said that Tulisa’s bully comments may have harmed Misha in the eyes of voters.

Meanwhile Janet has admitted that she misses her freedom, when living in the X Factor house. The teenage schoolgirl from Tyrone has been living with all the other X Factor acts since the live shows started last month.

Janet (16) confessed that she misses not being able to go to her own bedroom and play her music as loud as she wants. “I kind of miss the freedom just to go into your room, play your music as loud as you want, play your guitars, sing as loud as you want,” she said.

“In the house you get a wee bit self conscious, there are more people than I am used to. The music I listen to they wouldn’t want to hear, so I keep it down.” Janet also admitted she’s not a fan of cheesy pop acts or boybands and prefers music from the sixties that no one else in the X Factor house likes. “I love that era, man - 69 Woodstock,” she laughed.

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