Dan Le Sac goes it alone


If you thought that Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip temporarily parted ways to prove their solo worth, think again.

“I think people think that Pip and I live together — they think we’re together all hours of the day,” muses Dan. “So it’s nice to be able to crush that myth. We’re not lovers you know.”

Indeed, Pip is also crushing that myth in his own way, by reportedly stepping out with tattooed starlet Kat Von D, from hit reality series LA Ink.

The pair were snapped hand-in-hand in Los Angeles. But such is Dan and Pip’s definitely-not-living-together status that this is news to Dan.

“He’s seeing Kat Von D? Is he? No!” he exclaims. “He still lives 10 minutes from his mum in Stanford-le-Hope in Essex. I can’t imagine Kat Von D hanging out there.

“Although you never know,” he adds, coming around to the idea. “She has tweeted about him. I don’t know if he’s dating her, but I’ll find out.”

While we didn’t think Dan and Pip were lovers, it’s a surprise to learn they’re incommunicado. As it turns out, they’ve taken the hiatus from their joint venture seriously, so much so that Dan wouldn’t listen to Pip’s solo album for six months.

He explains: “I literally held off listening to his album until six months in because I was in the process of writing mine and didn’t want it to interfere. I didn’t want to make it a competitive thing.”

This seems to have been the right move — while Pip’s solo effort Distraction Pieces is an experimental, darker version of their twist on hip-hop, Dan’s album — the newly released Space Between The Words — is a world away.

It flits between genres (hip-hop, trip-hop, dubstep, drum ’n’ bass) seamlessly. Has he received any feedback from his cohort?

“He texted saying it was good,” replies Dan. “We haven’t seen each other since March, so I expect we’ll talk about it more at the end of July when we’re back touring.”

Space Between The Words is out now. Click here to pick it up on iTunes.

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