George Harrison app a must for guitar lovers


George Harrison app a must for guitar lovers
The new app will let fans examine the late musicians instruments in minute detail
The ultimate app for Beatles fans and guitar lovers is being released February 23, Guitar Collection: George Harrison is an iPad app that provides a virtual close-up tour of many of the guitars played by one of the world’s most well known musicians.

The app, priced at $9.99 (€7.60), will be available on iTunes and was developed by Harrison’s son Dhani, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The app will allow users to closely examine the instruments through detailed, 360-degree photographs and it will provide history on each item using documents that will show when and where they were made, on which Beatles and solo tracks they were used and how Harrison acquired each one.

The images can be magnified to great effect to allow fans to explore and examine each scratch and unique characteristic of the individual guitars. The app will be updated as more of the late Harrison’s axes are documented. The technology behind the app is currently being used in a Grammy Museum exhibit, George Harrison: Living in the Material World.

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