Australian ban on Galaxy tab extended


Australian ban on Galaxy tab extended
Apple and Samsung throw down, under
Apple recently won a victory over Samsung in the global patent battle, after Australia's highest court temporarily extended its ban on the sales of Samsung's Galaxy tablet across the country. Naturally (them being a company and all) Samsung are frothing at the mouth to start shipping their stellar tablet down under in time to reap the benefits of the Christmas consumer frenzy.

There’s obviously some history here, and it’s a little long winded so bear with us...

Apple dragged Samsung to court after accusing the company of copy and pasting its iPad and iPhone patents. In October, a Federal Court ordered Samsung to cease sales of the device ahead of a trial.

Samsung naturally appealed and a full bench of the Federal Court threw out the earlier ruling, meaning the frankly awesome Galaxy tab could be sold.

Hardly going to stand for this, Apple immediately riposted with a counter appeal, and the High Court threw their weight around, temporarily extending the original injunction for another week while Apple’s protestations are considered.

"Samsung believes Apple has no basis for its application for leave to appeal and will vigorously oppose this to the High Court," Samsung explained in a released statement.

Moral of the story, unless you’re an Aussie, just buy both. It’s not like money is an object, right?

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