Blatant iPad 3 Speculation


Blatant iPad 3 Speculation
A rumour round-up to keep you going til tonight’s coverage...
"We have something you really have to see. And touch."

This is all the enigmatic invitations to tonight’s Apple Media Event had to say on the matter. As you might imagine, speculation boomed, reverberating around the globe like the delighted screeches of a child on Christmas morn.

And though the cynic in me expects the cheeky buggers might simply be unveiling the long awaited upgrade to a criminally over-looked iPod Touch, the rest of you reckon a third iPad is on the cards. So let’s focus on that...


Regarding display, a bump in pixel density is arguably the most anticipated, hypothesised improvement for the incoming iPad 3. Though the display’s dimension are expected to mirror those of the iPad 1 and 2, the number of pixels are presumed to weigh in at 2048x1536 while the pixel size is thought to reduce to ¼ that of its predecessor.

Supposedly, a superfast new A6 chip will power Apple’s incoming tablet, but whether or not it could be quad-core is up for debate (as is, you know, the rest of this article...) RAM might finally see an upgrade in this third iteration, yet buffered by Apple’s renowned synergy of soft and hardware, we’ll have to wait and see.


And while a HD front facing camera would augment the FaceTime experience, and other Android phones have already tread this ground, sometimes it’s hard to call Apple’s plays ahead of time ahem iPhone 5 ahem. Still, if details in the iOS5.1 beta are to be believed, Siri Dictation might feature on the iPad 3. Which would be pretty pointless if Siri him/herself didn’t feature also!

We can be sure about precious little with regards to the iPad 3, least of all its name AHEM iPhone 4S AHEM. But one area we can safely expect to see little to no modification in is design.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive regarding the iPad’s shape and feel. There’s just no reason for Apple to start rocking the boat now, even simply to alter the dimensions. We estimate the biggest design change you can expect is a SLIGHT increase in depth to accommodate more powerful innards.

But then again, what do we know? Maybe the iPad will have an antenna, cup-holder, built in telly-prompter and shaving mirror too!

The March 7th Apple Media Event takes place today (shockingly) at 10am PST at the Yerba Buena Centre in San Francisco. That’s 6pm our time folks, so stay tuned!

Right: Hopefully!!!

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