First Look – Microsoft Surface Tablet


First Look – Microsoft Surface Tablet
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Last night, at a prestigious L.A. based press conference, Steve Ballmer and crew debuted the Microsoft’s latest foray into the Hardware market – The Surface Tablet!

Microsoft’s PixelSense platform formerly donned this “Surface” moniker, offering businesses a range of poster and table sized touch screen computers. Now it’s resurfaced (Ha!) in the guise of a potential iPad rival.

Famously reluctant to enter the hardware market, Microsoft have experimented in recent years, bucking this trend with their (lamentably failed) Zune enterprise and a little known gaming console, the Xbox 360 or something.

“It’s a whole new community of computing devices from Microsoft,” Ballmer remarked on his company’s continued incursion into manufacturing the devices what does run their software, “It embodies the notion of hardware and software really pushing each other.”

Two distinct tablets were demoed at the event.

The first was billed as a potential rival to Tablet leviathans iPad and Samsung Galaxy 10.1
Boasting a 10.6” HD display, 9.3 mm thickness and but a trifling 676g in weight, this Surface “Light” runs Windows RT operating system, boasts MicroSD, USB 2.0, MicroHD video 2X2 MIMO antennae connections, Home Office & Student 2013 RT, Touch Cover, Type Cover software applications and is powered by an ARM Mobile Nvidia chip.

The Surface tablets also featured fairly bland cover cases, until peeled down from the unit to reveal a multi-touch material keyboard and track pad!

Cause for exclamation if ever there was...

Though an obvious upgrade from the folding cover debuted with the iPad 2, a fabric keyboard attached via magnetic strip wouldn’t do much to keep the tablet upright during Desktop mode would it?

Thus a snap out tablet stand is built into the device’s rear to address such snooty criticisms.
Looks clever, unless it’s flimsy and likely to snap under the slightest strain...

The “Pro” model was a more substantial unit, built methinks to compete in the rapidly expanding Ultrabook market. Its larger size (13.5mm, 903g) allows for an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor which in turn runs Touch Cover, Type Cover, Pen with Palm Block on its Windows 8 pro operating system.

With the following connections, MicroSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort Video, 2X2 MIMO antennae it’s not a stretch to imagine that processor running the very real risk of overheating. I’m imagining it right now...

Microsoft claim to have overcome this issue however with the addition of perimeter venting. A ventilating groove rings the whole tablet, "You never block it with your hands. You never even feel it" Spokesperson Dana Williams assured onlookers.

Both tablets are constructed with VaporMg, a moulded magnesium casing with PVD finish. They’ll release in a range of colours, a variety of cover cases, and the “Light” is likely to be tied to the release of Windows 8 this autumn.

The ‘Pro’ is believed to be launching three months after.

Windows 8’s Metro touch interface is bound to improve with a dedicated touch-screen interface and provided Microsoft learn from past mistakes (Zune Mp3 Player, 360’s Red Ring of Death) the ‘Surface’ could prove a substantial boon for the company.

It does beg the question though; what will their hardware partners think about this revelation?

Known primarily for their software packages (there’s a clue in the name, see if you can find it) Microsoft have traditionally left the machining to the likes of Nokia, Samsung or Hewlett Packard. How these Mastadons of Technology will react to losing out on a chance to represent Microsoft in the Tablet arena is anyone’s guess...

Likely, Ballmer and Co will be challenged to Mortal Kombat.

That’s just my guess though...

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