Foursquare launches Connected Apps platform


Foursquare launches Connected Apps platform
Get even more information about where you check-in.
Foursquare has announced the launch of its Connected Apps platform, which will allow developers to connect their apps with the Foursquare app directly. What this means for users is that they will get information and advice based on the locations that they check-in to. For example, Eat This, Not That can suggest healthy dishes when someone checks in at a restaurant, while The Weather Channel can tell people the forecast.

This new platform will launch as a developer preview first, so that Foursquare can see what developers do, what users are looking for and where the platform should be taken. To kickstart this preview, Foursquare has partnered with 11 companies to test the power and potential of the platform.

The launch partners are:
Eat This, Not That – From Men’s Health Mag, Eat This, Not That tells you what dishes to order and what to avoid at restaurants when you check in
Untappd - Shows recommendations from friends and others on which beer to order, and easily check-in to beers from within foursquare
Sonar – Informs you of your connections to interesting people nearby
Soundtracking – Share and discover songs your friends have shared at a place
Snoball – Trigger charity donations when you check in, and tells you about friends’ donations
Foodspotting – Share and get recommendations on which dishes to order
GroupMe - Makes it easier to share your check-in with a group of friends on GroupMe
Blue Legends - Notifies you when you earn extra rewards for checking into Lufthansa venues
Instagram – Share your Instagram photos on foursquare, which friends can see and tap through to the Instagram app
Path – Share photos and text from Path, which tap through to the Path app
The Weather Channel – Get the weather forecast with your first check-in of the day and when you check in to a new city

The platform is rolling out to iPhone and Android immediately with a Blackberry launch expected in the near future.

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