Google Glass Gets Glasses. Tries to Look Less Awkward and Weird


Google Glass Gets Glasses. Tries to Look Less Awkward and Weird
Will this make you buy one?

Google Glass isn't really a thing yet, despite the fact that we've been hearing about it for what feels like years.

That's because the device has only been available to developers and other fancy people in the US since its debut in February 2013, with the rest of the world having to wait more than a year to actually get their hands on it.

The day when you can own a head mounted computer that you can talk to like a crazy person is (hopefully) fast approaching and one hurdle has just been conquered. Google has confirmed that you'll be able to add prescriptionframes to the headset at launch, with several style available including sunglasses.

So they released a promo with funky hipster people wearing glasses that have a USB stick poking out of the side.


It's an obvious step for the company to make, partly because a lot of people quite need lenses for the seeing and more importantly because the device on its own looks a little bizarre. Initially, only four styles of prescription frames will be available along with two types of sunglasses.

And the information you need - the glasses will go for $225 and the shades for $150. Then there's the small matter of buying the Glass itself, which goes for a whopping $1500.

The frames are a good step for Google, even if the choice is quite limited at the moment, helping to ease one of the barriers between the user and Glass. But the bigger issue is that incredible price for something that only shares some of the functionality of a smartphone that costs one third of the price.

This is what the future costs people...

Google Glass Gets Glasses. Tries to Look Less Awkward and Weird on
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