Google updates Quick Answers for mobile search


Google updates Quick Answers for mobile search
Making search pretty as well as functional.
Google has revamped and updated its mobile search offerings, so that if you search for something factual like the weather you get get more readily available and engaging results. The engine has been updated to better understand what it is you are searching for and to then provide the most relevant information for you.

Google user experience designer Jeromy Henry wrote a blog post saying that it has always been important to get search results as quickly as possible. He added that users have been able to see these results right away on Google. However, he added that Google has “recently made improvements to some of these answers to make them richer, more beautiful, and more interactive.”

Using the weather example, a search will now display a 10-day and hourly weather forecast that you can interact with. Searching for a flight status on the other hand will display a flight progress indicator and arrival and departure times. The Quick Answer feature has been updated for a variety of topics including finance, currency conversion, unit conversion, dictionary definitions, local time lookup, and holiday and sunrise times.

These changes are currently being rolled out on in English on mobile and tablet.

Google updates Quick Answers for mobile search on
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