Hasbro Showcases Nexus powered Prototype Robot


  • Hasbro Showcases Nexus powered Prototype Robot
  • Hasbro Showcases Nexus powered Prototype Robot
  • Hasbro Showcases Nexus powered Prototype Robot

Two parts Hello Kitty, One part Terminator
It was only really a matter of time before Smartphones learned to walk and move around. They’ll be opening doors next, and we all know how that turned out in Jurrassic Park.

Luckily Hasbro’s Nexus exoskeleton is only in the prototype phase, so we can swoon at the cuteness of it all without the need to stock up on tinned foods and shotgun shells for the eventual robot apocalypse.

Hasbro and Google have been collaborating to bring these unique docking stations to fruition. The stations connect to a Nexus S brain, a Bluetooth radio and an exoskeleton replete with servomotors.

The dock’s battery pumps up the Smartphone, which in turn controls its shiny new limbs via a Bluetooth signal. From here it gets really interesting: without a set of predetermined functions, Hasbro’s robot reacts to its unique environs and landscapes, utilizing the handset’s sensors, touchscreen and front and rear facing cameras. Nifty!

It communicates with Google’s cloud services over WiFi for facial and object recognition, to decipher friend from foe and either cowers, bucks or fawns in response. Assuming this project doesn’t blossom into a Cyberdyne- esque manufacturing industry, we’re happy to admit this is one of the more delightful devices to emerge from the tech world in recent memory.

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