Huawei is bringing jobs to Dublin


Huawei is bringing jobs to Dublin

Huawei's mobile phone division recently became the biggest Android brand on the planet, taking the space from Samsung. That's big news and the company has been making great strides in the mobile arena in recent years.

That comes off the back of a long standing dominance in the field of communications, with Huawei providing business with fibre networks and even modems.

Now the company is expanding further into video Research and Development, and Ireland will be along for the ride with the annoucement of a new video research centre in Dublin.

This will be one of several throughout Europe, aimed at getting the best global talent involved in this rapidly moving industry. Up to 50 jobs will be created, according to a report by Silicon Republic.

In addition, Huawei is holding a Watch Video Everywhere event at the Science Gallery in Dublin, designed to introduce audiences to the latest in video technologies.

Huawei is bringing jobs to Dublin on
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