iPad Dominates Tablet Web Browsing Figures


iPad Dominates Tablet Web Browsing Figures
Apple's all-conquering tablet comes up trumps yet again!
It has been clear right from the moment the iPad was launched in 2010 that Apple was likely to dominate the tablet market for quite some time, but few could possible have imagined that by 2012 the company's dominance would be such that an astonishing 94.64% of all tablet based internet traffic originates from iPads.

And yet that's precisely where the figures released by Chitika this week place the iPad's superiority. The iPad's only serious competitor these days, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, can manage only a paltry 1.2 hits per every 100 registered on iPad - that's just over 1% of the total iPad traffic online; a truly remarkable figure.

It's hard to see how things could possibly change in any meaningful sense in the coming years either, not if Apple can maintain its record of success with its flagship tablet - and if rumours that an iPad mini may be on the horizon, we may even see the company's dominance increasing yet again!

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