iPhone 5 Rumour Round up


iPhone 5 Rumour Round up
ClickTV crafts a fairytale vision of the next iPhone.
The world’s fascination with all things Apple continues, and never more so than when a new product is announced. With the likely release of the iPhone 5 on the way late 2012, we’ve assembled some likely, and more speculative, specs in our rumour round up.

Check out the video from ClickTV.

With some months to go until an actual announcement and even longer til the iPhone 5 itself will actually be available, many things are likely to change but one thing is certain – the world will be clamouring for Apple’s latest shiny once more come launch day.

So, what would you like to see when the iPhone 5 rolls around? Personally, I’d like Siri to replace my alarm call with a cute kitten video each and every morning. Like this!

iPhone 5 Rumour Round up on ClickOnline.com
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