iPhone5 Rumours - why you should say NO to iPhone accessories


iPhone5 Rumours - why you should say NO to iPhone accessories
Make no doubt about it, Apple are planning something big for this coming holiday season and rumours are leaping across the interweb faster than Skippy down the well after Timmy. iPhone5 is the biggest and most obvious one brewing and with all the anticipation and excitement must come a warning!


That is unless of course you are perfectly happy with your current iPhone and have absolutely no intention of upgrading in the next 2 years or so. Otherwise you probably won't be getting much usage out of what you buy as they become obsolete with the impending new iPhone5 upgrades.

First up for the new iPhone5 is that it will sport a smaller 19 pin port from 30 pins, which means dock connectors, cables and car kits etc will all become obsolete with the next-gen iPhone. There may be the possibility of Apple including some sort of an adapter to convert the 30 pin to the smaller 19 pin…. but there’s more likelihood of hell freezing over.

Other obvious accessory changes will include a different shape and size case for the iPhone5. Now if you literally just bought an iPhone 4 or 4S and are on contract for another 2 years, go right ahead and revel in the bouquet of bargains that await you in stores over the coming month.

Other rumours circulating speculate on the new iPod Touch and new iMac’s along with a 13 –inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. One of the more interesting but less likely to come true rumours tell of an iPan Mini although the reason for this is that it keeps cropping up every time a new 7inch tablet is launched, such as the Kindle Fire or Nexus 7, so we’re not holding our breath.

Samsung and Apple have been in heavy legal battles since last year over technology patents, both trying to get the oppositions devices banned across the globe so we may seem some of the iPhone5’s thunder being stolen by Samsung releasing a 64GB Galaxy S III.

Check out the following video for more of the best iPhone5 rumours

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