Lingerie Football League - yeah it's a thing!


Lingerie Football League - yeah it's a thing!
Starting back in 2003 as the Lingerie Bowl, an alternate to the Super Bowl half time show, The Lingerie Football League, or LFL for short, has become one of the fastest growing leagues in the world at the moment. After six leagues, founder Mitch Mortaza set up a ten team, 20 week league in 2009 from which the full contact, seven aside, indoor football league has grown wings and flown over to Australia and Canada.

Many from the male persuassion will be delighted to know they have now decided to start up a European league next year with teams set for Dublin, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Rhein and Manchester. The winners of all four leagues (US, Canada, Australia, Europe) will all compete in the annual LFL World Bowl in Sao Paulo Brazil, Saturday, July 19, 2014.

The game itself is seven aside, with only 14 players allowed active on game day. Each half is 17 minutes long and in the event of a tie there are one or more 8 minute sudden death overtime periods. The LFL field is 50 yards long, with 8 yard end zones and 30 yards across.

There is a kick off to start both halves but there are no field goals or punting allowed. After a touchdown the scoring team can either go for a one point conversion from the one or a two point conversion from the three yard line.

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