Review - Creative SoundBlaster Recon3D Omega


Review - Creative SoundBlaster Recon3D Omega
There used to be a time when playing games through your TV’s built in speakers was good enough, but those days are but a fast fading memory. These days it’s all about surround sound systems, sound bars and high definition audio, which is all very well and good if you have forgiving neighbours, or a significant other who doesn’t have a problem with room shaking explosions at 3am on a school night.

Thankfully industry staple Creative Labs has stepped in to save us from muted gameplay (and sub-standard multimedia consumption) with the monstrous 7.1 SoundBlaster Recon 3D Omega wireless headphones, compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Quite literally, this package has everything you need for everything you own. As anyone with multiple gaming systems can attest, it’s a bit of a pain having headsets lying strewn around the place, so the ability to have a single set that works for everything really is wonderful. In the box you get the headphones themselves, a beautifully hefty pair of 7.1 surround sound cans with superb build quality which sound every bit as good as they look, the wireless transmitter/soundcard combo that serves as your interface between the headphones and your devices, a plug in 3.5mm microphone (which you don’t have to connect should you not want to), a couple of USB cables, assorted other bits and pieces and a disc with containing the software for customizing your computer based experience.

Initially, it’s a bit daunting having all those bits and pieces, but a brief perusal of the quick start manual and you’ll be good to go. Setting things up is a doddle thanks to the visual guides, and aside from the clunky software it’s a pretty straightforward setup.

Obviously the sound quality is key here, and that’s precisely where the Recon3D Omegas excel. They’re streets ahead of anything else we’ve used to date, with out of the box crystal clarity enhanced further by the ability to make EQ changes using the Recon3D hardware itself. On paper a device like this shouldn’t be in any way exciting or sexy, but it’s a testament to Creative that they’ve managed to make the Recon3D Omega both with ease. They’re pricey, but they’re worth every cent.

10 Stars: Recommended
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