RIM turns down Amazon approach


RIM turns down Amazon approach
BlackBerry and PlayBook manufacturer Reserch in Motion has reportedly turned down the opportunity to join Amazon in a merger that would have opened up a huge market for the Canadian tech company. The report claims that Amazon hired an investment company to sound out RIM about the possibility of a takeover, however no offer was made.

The reports go on to claim that RIM has made it clear that it will seek to fix its own problems, rather than taking what it sees to be the easy way out. While the company has had a disaster of a year, there is much hope that it will be able to salvage its reputation and repair its decimated market value.

RIM's resilience will be tested further if Wall Street Journal reports that Nokia and Microsoft are planning a joint takeover bid are to be believed.

The last year has not been kind to RIM, with the company seeing a massive decrease in its market value of 77%, down to just $6.8 billion

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