SEN's Music Unlimited iPhone/iPod app ready for Irish release


SEN's Music Unlimited iPhone/iPod app ready for Irish release
Cloud-Based Music Service App in Irish App Stores
Sony Ireland today announced the launch of the free Music Unlimited service application. Subscribers can now access the multi-million track catalog any time, any place.

“With the proliferation of connected devices, consumers expect complete access to their digital entertainment and demand a consistent experience regardless of the device,” remarked Tim Schaaff, President of Sony Network Entertainment International.
“Bringing the Music Unlimited service to iPhone and iPod touch is one of the many ways we are able to reach more music lovers around the world while ensuring the same level of high-quality entertainment that is associated with the overall SonyEntertainment Network experience.”

Music Unlimited’s existing family of connected devices include PS3, PlayStation Vita, BRAVIA TVs, Android tablets and Smartphones, which now include Apple’s finest.

“We want to let users pick up their favourite device and crank up the Music Unlimited service at any time,” noted Michael Aragon, Vice President and General Manager of Digital Video and Music Services, Sony Network Entertainment International.

“With the addition of the new iPhone and iPod touch app, users with a Basic or Premium subscription can listen to their favourite songs across a number of the most popular connected devices – in and out of the home.”

SEN`s Music Unlimited iPhone/iPod app ready for Irish release on
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