Thousands to lose internet access on Monday


Thousands to lose internet access on Monday
Brace yourself...
The FBI could leave hundreds of thousands of people without internet access from July 9th when it plans to shut down servers, which had been used for malicious purposes. The rogue servers were used alongside the DNS Changer malware to infect computers and redirect users to unofficial sites or display ads on legitimate sites. The malware was discovered in 2007 and infected over 4 million computers before the FBI shut down the operation last year. The malware infected computers from a variety of users, from home users to Fortune 500 companies and was even discovered on systems used by NASA.

It was originally discovered that these rogue servers could not be shut down without cutting infected computers off from the internet. As a result, the FBI hired the nonprofit Internet Systems Consortium to run temporary servers to give victims a chance to disinfect their systems. The original contract ran until March, but this was extended until July to give people more time to discover if their system was infected and take steps to resolve the problem.

It is estimated that almost 300,000 computers are still affected by the malware despite frequent warnings and messages sent by Internet Service Providers, and companies such as Facebook and Google. These websites displayed warnings regarding a possible infection when an affected user visited. If you have browsed these sites recently and haven’t seen this message, you should be safe.

While there isn’t much time left to solve this issue before the servers are taken offline, those concerned about their system and a possible infection can visit the DNSChanger Working group’s website dedicated to testing systems. If the background is green, your computer is safe. However, if it is red you should take action immediately. The group has also published a FAQ for those who find that their machine may be infected.

Thousands to lose internet access on Monday on
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