Woza Online aids small South African Business


Woza Online aids small South African Business
Google’s good deed for the day
Google are keen to showcase South African private enterprise across the interweb. As such, the world’s most significant search engine launched a project designed to get smaller companies wired, thus enabling their business to grow and ultimately fight unemployment.

Last Thursday, the first entrepreneurs employed Google’s Woza Online to craft their own websites. Launched with the aid of the South African Government, and funding from mobile phone brand Vodacom, Woza online offers free domain names with the co.za tag for the initial 10,000 applicants.

Rajis Reddy took less than a quarter hour to establish her Website, employing 10 craftsmen and workers in a toy manufacturing plant in the rural east of the country.

Though it can boast the most significant economy in Africa, South Africa’s poverty and unemployment rates are equally significant. The government now views small business as the key to job creation.

So, the internet being used for something genuinely productive and beneficial: Take THAT, S.O.D.A.!

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